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Meet Alchemy Muse

Hey!  I know you!  Sure I do.  You’re a talented, skilled tech professional juggling project demands, crushing deadlines, helping team members, managing stakeholders, and taking care of your family and homelife. 

I also know that you worry about getting you next project, so things stay steady and all good on the home front.  It is hard to market yourself to find your next project and no time when you are working a project, but it is necessary to do that before this one ends. 

I know it is stress to not know when that will be, or if you will get an extension, or not, or when and if, for how long.  .and you cannot afford to not give this project your all as you are wrapping up and getting ready for launch the pressure is on.

I can take some of that pressure off of you and make sure you keep that income stream steady, lining up projects so the demand is there when you are ready.  I know you – sure I do.  I’ve been you – I am you, too! 

My expertise lies in narrowing the gap between where you are now and where you’ll be next.  I can take off the pressure and polish your prose, making sure that we have all of our ducks in a row.  SEO for your resume to beat the algorithms.  Close target marketing of your content attracts opportunities that are a better fit, more right, with more money in sight.  I clarify just what you want, where you can shire and where you can give – and get the most.  I will help you identify your super power and communicate your value, making you star of the hour.  When we are done you’ll have offers and more.  So relax, do your thing and I market you more.

Suzannah L Saiah

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