Career Marketing Templates

Resumes * Cover Letters + References

Have you posted your resume all over the internet, on job boards, company websites, and put the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkinedIn, but no traction? Hey, we’ve all been there. I have a plug-n-play solution for you!

Ready-Made in MS Word, Easy to Use

Personalizable with Your Own Information.

Choose from hundreds of designs – something for everyone.

Extras: Get free pro career marketing tips and a free social media icon set.

  • Easy-to-use MS Word templates
  • Flexible designs for resume or CV
  • For both digital and print use
  • Personalizable
  • Customizable graphic elements
  • Resume/CV, Cover Letter, References
  • Extra: Social Media Icon Set
  • Extra: Pro Tips!
  • Each has Stationary to match
  • Easy-to-use MS Word and PDF templates
  • For both digital and print use
  • Personalizable
  • Customizable graphic elements
  • Business Card, Note Card, Letterhead, Email Header
  • Extra: Social Media Icon Set
  • Each has Resume to match
  • Get both – matching Resume/CV and Stationary template sets
  • These beautiful matching sets give you everything you need to make the perfect professional impression.
  • A style for every taste
  • Designs are proven effective in marketing

Why Choose Me and My Work?

I learned how to beat the system, get in the door, and get that interview! I used my knowledge and skills to get hundreds of professionals off bench and on project fast. I pulled placement agencies out of despair and go them profitable again!

Why I Do This

I have long had a burning desire to help people get work and stay profitable. I worked projects as a consultant, contractor, and freelancer for decades, so I really wanted to help others like me with the problem – keeping the money coming in!

Some professions are just suited to project work and many of us like projects, but the age old problem is that you spend most of your time looking for the next project. I had a burning desire to help people like me be able to get projects quicker, easier so we could keep projects coming, one after the other, and so keep the money coming in.

Why My System Works

My designs target the attention of the recruiter and contain details that put front and center key criteria the recruiters look for – require! They are proven – hundreds of times over to get results.

You’ve Nothing to Loose – Everything to Gain

If you are like I was, start using my templates and my system now – it will change your life and put you in control!

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