Every individual and company has messages to communicate.  I craft messages and develop vehicles for the delivery of those messages.  Messages could be for marketing, support, training, organization or communication. The vehicles I create are stand-alone digital materials as well as programs and systems.  These systems may include workflow automation, digital marketing systems and portals, digital document libraries, online help, support manuals and documentation, tutorials, elearning, or online courses, to name a few.

In the end, I help organizations improve performance and help individuals improve effectiveness, and enable companies to provide better user experience and customer success, for both internal customers and external customers.


I serve marketing, communications, training, and support in technical and educational institutions.  I also have digital products available for individuals for career promotions through resumes and online marketing, and for use in education.

Dr. John P. May, M.D., founder of Health Through Walls. A global health organization serving various countries as well as institutions in the United States.

Delia Foy, Clinical Psychologist, private practice, and quality assurance for government health programs.

University of New England, online education.

State of Georgia, DOE

State of Georgia, DDS

State of Georgia, DOR

ING,  Computer Sciences Consulting, Computer Generated Solutions, CxAlloy – I.T. projects involving business analysis, technical writing, documentation, training and support materials.


When you partner with me you get the most efficient, effective, and affordable service supporting marketing, communications, and customer success.  Years of experience at your disposal to give you the tools and a roadmap to success.

When you provide effective materials, clear procedures and a straightforward roadmap people can be assured of success because know they know how to attain it.  Digital systems provide a means.  Digital repositories provide easily accessible, and easy to find information and procedures.  Materials in the form of tutorials, posters, job aids, learning aids, quick references, online help, digital templates and attractive marketing collateral give your people and your customers everything they need to succeed.


My superpower is organization, and my skills are communication and creativity.  I use my creativity to communicate technical materials in an easy, engaging, and fun way.  My organization skills make it easy for me to create an information architecture for large volumes of content and develop schema to order them.  My creativity is off the charts and with my technical mind and experience, I can make beautiful marketing materials and engaging training materials for all platforms: training, elearning, social media marketing, and content marketing.


I start with a free evaluation.  We first meet by phone to discuss your project, needs, and goals.  Once we decide to work together, I document what you have told me, work with you to assign priorities and prepare a project plan.

Then I get down to creating – creating messages, content, artwork, designs, materials, modules, lesson, marketing collateral, content plans.  I will give you wireframes and mockup or outlines, depending on which material I am creating.

I stay in close communication with stakeholders, SME, and team members, keeping everyone on the same page and up-to-date so we all have all of the information, all of the time.  I put materials in development online for those involved to see and comment, edit, or make changes.  I stay in close touch with the SMEs to make sure the content is technically accurate, and any marketing materials are on target with the audience, brand, and message.

A first of two reviews is scheduled during which I go over materials with the client so we can make any changes.  After any changes are made, I then request the client do a “final review”, after which I will make any final, changes, edits or corrections. When this is done, approval is requested and when granted the material is delivered or deployed.

READY TO TALK?  Reach out to me directly on LinkedIn or email me.  We can always talk by phone, but please email me to set a time. I do not answer the phone when I am working with a client or on a client’s project as they are paying for my time and production.

I look forward to many interesting opportunities for us both!

muse@nativealchemy.com www.nativealchemy.com