Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

I balked at the upcoming task of choosing an email campaign tool and starting that project.  I mean – c’mon!  I get so many emails and I am sure you do too.  Who needs another email!  Not just one, but another steady stream of emails!  No!

In spite of that, I do subscribe to several email lists.  I like the company, product, service and enjoy the content – when I have time to read any of it – rarely happens.

So, how do I feel about generating more of what we are already overflowing with an choking on – yikes!

It reminds me of when I was young and in outside sales.  I worked for a fortune 500 company – Canon.  Nothing to be ashamed of there, yet knowing how much I hated being cold called, pitched and sold, I really did not want to do that to others.

Anyway, I was still wildly successful at it.  I just could not keep it up past 6 years – I just could not keep forcing myself to do that every day.

Back to email marketing.  For the moment, I want to talk about the email campaign tools.  There are a ton of them, so I will not try to review them all in the same sitting.  One by one I will share with you my take on these tools.  Perhaps it can help you when you go to pick one.

Mail Poet

I was excited when I first saw this one.  It claimed to be one of the most artistic email tools, great for designers – I was intrigued.  It was made to work with WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads and Woo Commerce.  It also touted great features offering lots of control over sending and scheduling, creation different sections and different email lists, and Mail Poet offered a free version with sending (they will send your emails without you having to use another service to do that) with up to 1,000 subscribers included.  They do not charge per send, just for number of subscribers you are sending to, so you can send to that 1,000 people as much as you want.

The downside – I am sorry to have to report, but it is the truth – the product is just so bad that it does not work, it will not even install.  Look, I have been in I.T for a very, very long time, and I tried through WordPress, I tried installing through CPanel, I tried to manually FTP to the server, and I tried through their site.  The file package is corrupted and will not even upload.  Support – the only support available for non-paying customers is their help pages and a forum.  I read everything and it appears that other customers are having the same issues, and have had for the past couple of years, yet the company has not fixed this yet.  How do they stay in busines!  To get real support you have to be a paying customer and who want to pay for something that is so flawed! 

To be continued as I test out more products.