Instructional Design Products:

Instructional Design services include requirement gathering, planning, creation of content, modules, and whole courses, programs, and curricula for the classroom, syllabus, assessments, corporate training, elearning, online courses, and course evaluation.

Instructional Design Content:

Content covers a wide range such as authoring reusable content, organizing content, writing procedures, tutorials, working with SMEs to write authoritative, specialized informational content, and the editing, revision, and formatting of content for improved learning.

Revising & Editing:

Content editing may include converting classroom syllabus and course materials to online courses.

English Second Language & Translation Editing:

Given my focus on languages and learning for international professionals, I do a lot of work in revising translated or second language content for easy consumption and comprehension in English.

Experience & Expertise:

Experience includes corporate, academic, institutional, and government.

Tools of My Trade:

Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Lucid Chart, Excel, Project Planner