Writing Service Levels:

  1. Revision of texts
  2. Authoring using material gathered from the client
  3. Researching and writing from scratch

Editing Service Levels:

  1. Developmental
  2. Substantive
  3. Copy Editing

Finishing Service Levels:

  1. Proofreading and marking (blind)
  2. Proofreading and correcting (blind)
  3. Proofreading typeset against marked copy
  4. Formatting

SEO Editing:

SEO editing may involve keyword analysis and involves adding, subtracting or changing words or sentences to ensure visibility on the internet.

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Editing

English Second Language & Translation Editing:

Given my focus on languages and learning for international professionals, I do a lot of work in revising translated or second language content for easy consumption and comprehension in English.

Main Content Types:

  • Business Writing
  • SEO Content
  • Articles
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Research and Reports
  • Manuscripts

Tools of My Trade:

Microsoft Word, Scrivener, OneDrive, Box, DropBox, Google Suite, Zoho Suite