Instructions-Resume Templates

Instructions-Resume Templates

Native Alchemy Resume Templates

This gorgeous professional career marketing package is designed for easy editing and use in MS Word.  MS Word is the industry standard used by Recruiters, Agencies, and Applicant Tracking Systems all over the world, so you must have a resume in MS Word.

Opening Your Files

If your purchase includes zip files in the download, you will need to unzip these to access the files.  A zip file is a folder containing multiple files.

The image on the left is a regular file folder

The image on the left is a zip file (zipped folder).

On most Windows computers you can right click on the folder and in the drop-down menu select “Extract all”.  If you do not have a zip utility on your computer you can download 7-Zip free to open this.

Download 7-Zip

Editing Your Resume Templet Set

Pro Editing Tip

Always make a copy of the original before you do anything to a document.  Do your work in the copy.  That way if you mess up, you can just go back to the previous document.  I also make copies as I work so that I have the document saved at various stages of development.  If I mess up at any point. I can go back to the last previous version without having to start all over.

Changing Text

To edit (change) text: Click on the text and overwrite it with your own.

Changing Text Inside Headers, Footers, Sidebars

Click inside the boxed area to activate it, then click the text you want to change and overwrite it.

Changing Text Inside Tables and Boxes

Just click inside the table to access the table content.  Then, click on the  text and overwrite it.  NOTE: Tables and boxes have outer perimeters, so do not try to put in more than the space allows.  If you do it will mess up the layout.  The design gives you plenty of room.

Changing Slider Bars

Not all designs have movable sliders, but if you do, just grab the edge of the color bar inside the outline bar and drag it.

Preparing to Print

Consider the Printer

For a printed version to use professionally you may want to take your file to a print shop or copy for a higher quality.  You can also print on your printer.

PDF Best Practice

Convert your MS Word doc to PDF before printing.  This is a best practice because the Word doc can come out with some differences on different equipment, both computers and printers.  Uploading, downloading, and transmitting via email can also cause damage to the rendered image.  The solution is to convert to PDF which is stable across and devices and in transmission. The PDF can also be opened on any machine with free Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be opened with Acrobat in any web browser.

  Get Adobe

Note:  There are 3 checkboxes automatically checked on the download page.  Uncheck these unless you really want this stuff.

How to Covert a Word doc to a PDF

  1. Open the document
  2. On the “File” menu select  “Save as” then select  “PDF”

NOTE: Do NOT choose “File” then “Save as Adobe PDF”.  You will still get a perfectly nice PDF document either way.  The difference is that if there are embedded fonts in the Word doc, they will not transfer over to the PDF using the Microsoft utility option “Save as PDF”.

Print Settings

Whether you are printing a Word Doc or a PDF be sure to check the print settings before printing.  printer setting to make sure size, margins, and dpi (or ppi) are the same as in the document settings.

In Microsoft Word

Go to: File>Print.  You will see two sub menus:  Print Settings and Printer.  Check both to make sure the match the settings in the document.  In Word this is Home>Layout, then check margins and size.

In Adobe Acrobat Reader

Go to: File>Print.  You will see these sections.  Check each one. Most of the time you will not need to do anything here but you just want to check and make sure before you print.

  • Pages to Print – subsection: Options
  • Page Size & Handling
  • Page Setup – this is a small button on the bottom left corner – click to open this and check.
Finally look at the top where it shows the printer that is selected.  Make sure it is the correct printer then check the specifics.
  1. Click “Properties” and check the orientation and size.
  2. Click “Advanced” button to the right of the “Properties” button – this is where you can select Print to Image or Print to File.  If you are outputting to a paper copy you want to leave it Print to Image.  You can click Print to File if you want to save it on your desktop.  This is handy in cases in which you are receiving a document an you cannot save it, you can print it to file to save a copy on your computer.  Probably more information than you needed, but good to know!
  3. Finally click “Properties” and then the “Advanced” button at the bottom right of the Properties box.  This one is actually important. This is where you set the quality resolution.  You can leave it as is and get a decent printout, but if you are going for professional use, I will always change the resolution to 600dpi.  Most people say 400dpi is a good high resolution, but I like 600dpi.  Especially if you are going to a print shop and you choose a good quality paper that supports high definition you will get a great looking copy this way.
Quality Presentation
  • Print professional documents on a nice quality special paper with some weight. I personally like a 60pb to 80lb stock.
  • Cotton rag or linen is a traditional, upscale, professional look.
  • Parchment is a high quality, polished and classic look.
  • If you want to look classy, but really stand out, go with a velum.
  •  It is best to use a white or off-shite with no graphic background.

Free Tools

Download 7-Zip

Get Adobe